Photography by Bryan Bassett



Truck Show Event Photography

The Texas Heat Wave started more than 20 years ago when David MacDonald and a few friends gathered each year. The Heat Wave got its name when NO ONE wanted to have their show in >100˚ Temperatures of the Texas Summer... No one except those wild & crazy people who trick out their truck & cars. Now the Heat Wave Shows run from Spring Break to almost Halloween in 5 Texas Cities.

more than me

More Than Me - Union Square, September 5, 2009

While in Union Square, New York, I was asked to help in a promotional campaign to help children around the world. Our mission was to get as many varied people wearing our 'More Than Me' T-shirts to make marketing materials that look like the was a 'buzz' about the charity. This was a productive day working with a team to find volunteers on the street. For more info: MoreThanMe or MTMF

nova's birthday

Nova's Birthday Party - September 6, 2009

A friend's daughter, Nova, had a big birthday bash with her friends and games and swimming and cake and presents and dad & uncle's birthday rock performance!