Photography by Bryan Bassett


After years of using film and hoping chemicals were fresh and the correct temperature and free from contamination, it is now a pleasure to use the beautiful digital sensors originally developed for use on the moon shot.

Deciding which film to use then handling color correction in the enlarger always hindered, now total color control is built into the camera, giving a perfect contrast color balanced file right out of the camera.

I like the quality and features of Pentax Cameras. I started with a K-1000 and ME Super and later used a medium format 6x7. Today I use the 14.6 Megapixel Pentax  K20d. I am able to use the same lenses from the 35mm cameras, and the anti-shake feature works on all lenses.

I like the varied assignments photography presents and I am always trying new techniques. When I do come across a good idea I will explore it in a series form. I have done a lot with a good location and natural lighting, but recently I have been working with a studio and several small strobes. Panoramic, black light shoots and long night exposures are always fun.

Now with digital output there are no more chemicals. I can use plotters to print onto paper, poster board, or canvas that can be stretched. A 44 inch paper path with the ability to print 12 foot long photographic quality image allow us to see the big picture.

Bryan Bassett